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Western Mass Sewage Pump Repair Service

All septic systems have what is called a “sewage pump.” This is an integral component of your system because it moves liquid sewage from your basin to your septic tank while filtering solids that could clog your system. To put it simply, your sewage pump is responsible for ensuring your system does not clog or overflow, and that your sewage (whether liquid or solid) is stored properly.

The very nature of a pump means that it is often the point of failure in your system. Luckily, this component is easily repaired or replaced depending on the issue. However, we’ve noticed that many homeowners aren’t sure when or if to call us about their pump. We’ve put together a short list of the most common symptoms of a failing sewage pump.

How do you know when your Western Massachusetts sewage pump needs an inspection or repair? There are some telltale symptoms:

  • Sewage pump won’t start
  • Sewage pump won’t stop running
  • Sewage pump is making strange noises

Are you in need of sewage pump repair or maintenance in Western Mass? A failing sewage pump can spell disaster for not only your septic system but your property and home. The last thing you want is a catastrophic failure of your septic system that leads to an overflow or backup. Luckily, many sewage pump issues can be repaired without issue.

If your sewage pump is giving you trouble, then we’d suggest you reach out to us for repair or maintenance as soon as possible!