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Western Mass Sewage Pump Repair Service

Certain systems require a sewage pump or grinder pump to assist in the movement of sewage, where a gravity fed system is not feasible. These pumps are typically housed in a separate chamber between your septic tank and distribution box. You may be familiar with the additions to your electrical panel, or the alarm box inside your home if you have a similar system. Like all other components of your leach field, these pumps are subject to deterioration, damage, decreased functionality due to age, etc. Should you experience issues with backup into the home or an alarm sounding, we have the expert knowledge and capabilities to diagnose and remedy the situation whether it be a damaged float total pump replacement, faulty wiring, or simply a clogged impeller. Excavation Plus works to keep several models of pumps in stock to ensure that this house call is quick and effective. Call us with questions or problems with your pump so that we can promptly resolve this issue.

If your sewage pump is giving you trouble, then we’d suggest you reach out to us for repair or maintenance as soon as possible!