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Common Septic Repair Issues

After living in a home for many years you might discover that you are having a problem with your septic system, or if you are selling your property and fail your Title V inspection (link to Title V page). With repairing a septic system, there are a few common issues as to why it may fail.  One issue could be regarding the septic pump. Septic pumps turn on when waste fills the chamber of your tank, and then an impeller pushes the waste through your outflow pipe and into your drain field. They can often become clogged from foreign debris so the wastewater won’t be able to flow through the rest of the system. A failing septic pump can be a fatal emergency that requires immediate attention. If taken care of properly with routine maintenance, a solid septic pump will last you about 10-15 years.

Another common issue can be improper drain field functioning. If your septic tank overflows, the waste can go right into the drain field and then clog your pipes.  When this occurs, you’ll notice the backup almost immediately in your toilets and drains. To prevent septic failure, you should have your tanks pumped about every 3-5 years.


Why should I use a Filter in my Septic Tank?

  • Improve the flow efficiency of the tank overall
  • Reduces the odds of repairing the leach field down the road
  • Filters out smaller particles of waste/debris/sludge at the bottom of the tank
  • Extends the life span of your system overall
  • Filters are made from Polyvinyl Chloride and connected to the pipe that’s attached to the outside of the tank, which eliminates the risk of the material corroding.


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Being in the business for almost 30 years in this area we will work with the engineer and inspector to make sure your system is done in the easiest and least time-consuming way, especially if you are looking to sell and are under time constraints.

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