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Percolation Testing in Western Massachusetts

Percolation tests are performed in preparation for the installation of a new septic system. These tests must be performed whether replacing an old system or accommodating a newly constructed occupancy. Percolation tests consist of excavating test holes approximately 10 ft deep in areas of high potential for a new leach field, the number of holes dug may vary.

Each percolation test is attended and conducted by town officials and engineers who will examine the soil profile and determine adequate depth for your new leach field based on soil type. Water will be introduced into the soil in a controlled manner to assess is rate of absorption. From this test, a set of engineered plans will be drawn and available to you.

Excavation Plus works consistently with numerous engineers and town officials and would love to streamline the process of scheduling and performing these tests for our clients. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to have a percolation test scheduled today.

Excavation Plus is a leading provider in the excavation industry, known for our quality work, reliability and exceptional customer service experience. Contact us today to schedule your at-home percolation testing (perc test) today!